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A Sample of Research Projects Supported by the Breast Cancer Registry     

Growing Up Female (Frank Biro, MD) is a study of breast development during puberty.  Finding of the study have been reported nationally in medical journals and publications such as USA Today. 

Women’s Rehabilitation Experience Following Breast Cancer Surgery (Beverly Reigle, PhD) is a study of the type and amount of exercise performed by breast cancer survivors after surgery.

Gene-Environment Interactions in the Etiology of Breast Cancer (Dan Nebert, MD, and Marina Galvez, PhD) is a stud of metabolic products in urine and how they differ in young breast cancer survivors and their mothers who have never had breast cancer.

Current Exercise Behaviors, Pain and Quality of Life of Breast Cancer Patients (Karen Wonders, PhD) is a study of the effect of peripheral pain due to chemotherapy and how it effects exercise behaviors and quality of life.

The Role of the Brain-Gut Axis in Breast Cancer (Beverly Reigle, PhD) is a study of the relationship between weight, psychological factors and breast cancer.)





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