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The Research Study Meet the Communities Air Pollution Education For Kids

The Research Study

Benefits of the Research Study

Little research has been done that specifically addresses some of the air quality issues that effect people's health. With your help, we will be able to gather data and information that may help us understand how air pollution, and specific compounds in the air, affects your health.

The information we learn will help children across the nation exposed to air pollution by helping to shape national environmental and public health policy.

Specific Benefits for you and your child

You will receive a report on your child’s neurobehavioral testing.  If you choose, you can share this information with your child’s school or physician.  School personnel can develop more appropriate Individualized Education Plan’s for your child and your physician may be able to provide improved health care based on their biological sample results. 

You will also receive a financial benefit: your child will receive $100 and you will be compensated for your travel.

Contact Us if you want to participate or call Jody at 740-516-3200.



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