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The Research Study Meet the Communities Air Pollution Education For Kids

The Research Study

Design of the Research Study

If you and your child agree to participate in the research study, several different things will happen:

Other than the dust and soil sampling, all other activities will take place at the Marietta Center for Families and Children at Marietta College.

Jody Testing a Child

Fun activities for your child

The research study will involve several fun activities that will test your child’s ability to learn and coordinate their movements. 

For instance, one activity involves jumping and another involves bouncing a ball.  And the picture at left shows putting a puzzle together.



PIlot Study Taking a Survey

Answer a few questions

While your child is participating in the activities, we will ask you to complete a few questionnaires about your child. 





Collect Samples from Your Child

We will also collect a small sample of hair, urine and blood from your child.

The following are a series of images that show how this will be done.

Collecting Hair Samples Drawing Blood











Collect Dust and Soil Samples

The environmental sampling team will visit your home and collect dust and soil samples from in and around your home.

You can check here back from regular updates and results from the study or you can Contact Us for more information.

See a visual representation of the study design.

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