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The Research Study Meet the Communities Air Pollution Education For Kids

The Research Study


The University of Cincinnati has partnered with three communities in Eastern Ohio to address the community-driven question: Does air pollution affect our children’s health? 

The goal of the study is to understand the effects of air pollution on children’s health. 

Who is Eligible to Participate?

The study has recruited children ages 7-9 in Washington and Guernsey Counties in Ohio and Wood County in West Virginia during 2008-2013.  The study has now expanded to include children in Columbiana County, Ohio, Hancock County, West Virginia, and Beaver County Pennsylvania. The mother of the child must have resided in the community while pregnant with the child. 

What Does the Study Involve? 

The research study will involve several fun activities that will test your child’s ability to learn and coordinate their movements.  For instance, one activity involves jumping and another involves bouncing a ball. 

While your child is participating in the activities, we will ask you to complete a few questionnaires about your child.  We will also collect a small sample of hair and blood from your child, and we will ask you to provide us with a sample of your child's drinking water. 

Learn more about the Research Study Design

Where is the Study Taking Place?

In Marietta, all testing will occur at the Center for Children & Families at Marietta College

In East Liverpool, all testing will occur at Kent State University East Liverpool Campus.

Is there any Benefit for Participating in the Study? 

The information we learn will help children across the nation exposed to air pollution by helping to shape national environmental and public health policy.

You will receive $100 and you will be compensated for your travel.

How will my Child’s Information be Kept Private? 

Every effort will be made to maintain the confidentiality of your study records. 

However, certain people from the United States Food and Drug Administration, the University of Cincinnati, and the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, who is sponsoring company, will be allowed to inspect sections of your medical and research records related to this study.

The information we learn from the study will be published in scientific journals; however, your child will not be identified by name. You child’s identity will remain confidential.

Why did you choose to study Marietta, Cambridge, and East Liverpool Ohio? 

We chose three Eastern Ohio communities: two with reportedly high levels of air pollution, Marietta and East Liverpool, and one with reportedly low levels of air pollution, Cambridge.  Learn more about the Communities.

Who do I contact for more Information?

You can contact

"[The CARES staff] were friendly, polite and informative. They made my child and family comfortable and at ease right away."

-Parent of a CARES participant

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