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Center for Environmental Genetics:

Funded by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS), the Center for Environmental Genetics (CEG) works to promote integrative research between basic and applied scientists, epidemiologists, and clinicians to gain better understanding of the complex relationships between genetics and the environment. We aim to improve human health through clinical practice and public health initiatives that prevent illness and decrease mortality from adverse environmental exposures. Our Administrative Core provides operations and communications support for our many CEG researchers and collaborators and a foundation for the CEG’s varied training, education, research, translation and career development activities.

University of Cincinnati and Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center investigators who wish to learn more about the Center may contact our office for information about CEG membership, collaboration, facilities.
Funding for our Center has been provided by:
National Institute for Environmental Health Sciences,
Grant # P30-ES006096

NIEHS Center Program



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