Center for Environmental Genetics Career Development Program              

The CEG Career Development Program offers two distinct but related pathways to help prepare the next generation of leaders in environmental health science (EHS). These are basic, translational, and clinical investigators who have the passion and skills to conduct innovative trans-disciplinary research and translation-focused team science. The first track is the Next Generation Biomedical Investigator (NGBI) award, designed to assist junior faculty members in their advancing career trajectory. The second pathway is the New Investigator Scholar (NIS) award, designed to assist clinicians and health practitioners in learning environmental health science concepts and bring these concepts into translational research practice.

University of Cincinnati or Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center faculty who have an interest in EHS research are encouraged to contact the CEG office for more information. Support is provided to students for dissertation research expenses, career development, travel to professional meetings, and other activities.

All requests that include use of human subjects or human specimens must include a consultation with the CEG Integrative Health Sciences Core by using the CCTST Research Central portal of the CCTST (Center for Clinical and Translational Science and Training). Under Project Information, Select project affiliation (if applicable) use the dropdown menu to select the Center for Environmental Genetics.


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