Stakeholder Advisory Board

The COEC is “umbrellaed” by the Stakeholder Advisory Board (SAB), as it is comprised of members of our target audiences connecting the COEC to the needs of the community.  The SAB offers insight and direction into all COEC activities and influences CEG science directions, leading to effective science translation for stakeholders.

The SAB is absolutely essential to the COEC as it:

1) identifies areas where CEG science can be applied to local environmental health concerns

2) provides recommendations for new public health policy and implementation strategies based on CEG research, community needs, and expertise from public health professionals

3) determines the best mechanisms to provide education and outreach to each target community. 

The SAB also reviews the productivity of the COEC and recommends changes or alternative approaches, and ensures that the CEG research and its Cores are meeting the needs of the target communities, including public health decision-makers, health care professionals, and community members.  The SAB includes representatives from our target audiences who can play an important role in communication with the public.

Stakeholder Advisory Board Members:

Camille Jones, MD, MPH
Director, Cincinnati Health Department

Caroline Beidler
Founder and Director, Neighbors for Clean Air

Callie Lyons
Editor, The Anchor Newspaper

Richard Wittberg, PhD
Executive Director, Mid-Ohio Valley Health Department

Tania Valencia, PhD
Epidemiologist, NIOSH

Florence Fulk
Director, Division of Exposure Assessment, EPA

Tracy Greeley
Science Teacher, Hughes High School

Greg Howard
Executive Director, Urban Appalachian Council

Teresa Mills
Center for Health, Environment & Justice

Michelle Latham
National Risk Management Research Laboratory, EPA

Amy Mobley
Health Communication Specialist, NIOSH

Victoria Straughn
Breast Cancer Registry

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