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The COEC has partnered with several community organizations to translate community needs to CEG investigators, and translate environmental health science to communities.

Hamilton County Environmental Action Commission (HCEAC) The HCEAC was established in 1991 by the Ohio EPA Director. The Commission provides a forum for a broad range of stakeholders to discuss environmental issues and identify ways to improve environmental quality in the GCA. The HCEAC is a community-based group with representatives from the leading industry, policy and community organization in the GCA including Ohio EPA-Southwest District Office, Ohio Kentucky Indiana Regional Council of Government, Duke Energy, Sun Chemical, Mill Creek Watershed Council of Communities, City of Cincinnati Office of Environmental Quality, Cincinnati Metropolitan Sewer District, HCDOES, and several community-based environmental organizations.


Hamilton County Department of Environmental Services (HCDOES) The HCDOES is an organization dedicated to protecting, preserving, and enhancing environmental quality. The organization has a staff of 60 that works to monitor air quality, regulate industrial air emissions, and provide solid waste management and recycling assistance to communities, schools, and businesses in Butler, Hamilton, Clermont, and Warren counties. HCDOES is represented on our SAB by Ken Edgell.

Ohio Citizen Action (OCA) For the past nine years the OCA devoted most of its resources to organizing and implementing community-driven campaigns that motivate major industries to take steps to reduce and prevent pollution emitted from their facilities. Ohio Citizen Action members combine research and outreach to promote change in their environment. OCA has a listserve of about 8,000 people to whom they regularly send email updates. Their website receives about 15,000 hits per month from all over the world. OCA routinely goes door-to-door discussing environmental issues with community members, and has reached 101,068 people in the Cincinnati area this year alone. The OCA is represented on the SAB by the Cincinnati Director, Melissa English.


Cincinnati Health Department (CHD) The CHD is the leader in Cincinnati public health, seeking to maximize the health and wellness of citizens by surveillance, assessment, disease prevention, health education, and health service access. Part of the Health Department’s mission is to provide effective public health services founded on sound research and data for the protection of Cincinnati citizens. The CHD is represented on the SAB by Assistant Health Commissioner, Dr. Camille Jones.

Neighbors for Clean Air (NCA) NCA is a non-profit citizen action group comprised of a committed group of citizens from southeastern Ohio and West Virginia who desire understanding their air quality and its related health effects. It was formed over 10 years ago by Caroline Beidler (SAB member). Beidler is a co-PI on the CARES study (Haynes, PI). Beidler and Haynes have developed a strong research collaboration.



Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Units (PEHSU) The PEHSUs form a respected network of experts in children's environmental health. The PEHSU were created to ensure that children and communities have access to, usually at no cost, special medical knowledge and resources for children faced with a health risk due to a natural or human-made environmental hazard. Each EPA region has at least one PEHSU serving the region community physicians. Located throughout the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, PEHSU professionals provide quality medical consultation for health professionals, parents, caregivers, and patients. The PEHSU are also dedicated to increasing environmental medicine knowledge among healthcare professionals around children’s environmental health by providing consultation and training. Finally, the PEHSU provide information and resources to school and community groups to help increase the public’s understanding of children's environmental health.


The Green Umbrella is a non-profit organization working to improve the economic vitality and quality of life in the region around Cincinnati by maximizing the collective impact of individuals and organizations dedicated to environmental sustainability. Green Umbrella facilitates collaboration among over 100 area non-profits, businesses, educational institutions and governmental entities focused on the environmental aspects of sustainability.  With the partnership of their members, Green Umbrella aims to meet the environmental, social, and economic needs of today while preserving the ability of future generations to do the same.


The Center for Closing the Health Gap is a non-profit organization, founded in 2004, committed to raising awareness about and eliminating racial and health disparities across Greater Cincinnati. Through advocacy, education, and community outreach, we work collaboratively with hospitals, government, associations and businesses to address prevalent health disparities and social determinants.





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