Current Research Studies: CHIEFS

What is CHIEFS?

The Childhood Health Investigation and Exposure Follow-Up Study (CHIEFS) in Libby, Montana involves researchers from the University of Cincinnati and the Center for Asbestos Related Disease (CARD) to understand the impact of childhood exposures to asbestos, particularly the potential for childhood exposures to accelerate progression of lung disease in adulthood.

Libby, Montana is an underserved frontier community where asbestos-laden vermiculite ore was mined and processed from the 1920's until 1990. The Libby community was exposed to asbestos from ambient air pollution in the their homes, houselhold contact with mine or expander plant workers, or contact with gardens, roads, and playground coverings containing vermuculite waste materials. Exposure to asbestos materials is associated with pulmonary funtion loss, pleural and interstitial lung diseases, and respiratory mortality.


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