Mary Beth, Genter Mary Beth Genter
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Dr. Genter’s research focuses on tissue-specific metabolism and toxicity of environmental toxicants, with emphasis on the olfactory and auditory systems. My lab has worked for a number of years to understand the mechanisms by which compounds such as as the analgesic acetaminophen and antihyperthyroid drugs cause toxicity to the olfactory system. Similarly, we have also worked for a number of years to understand how certain pesticides cause tumors in the olfactory system. More recently, we have initiated studies to understand how metals can accumulate in the brain, by studying metal transporter expression in nasal tissues. We are also investigating the distribution and toxicity of intranasally-administered nanomaterials. Finally, we are working to optimize intranasal drug delivery to improve delivery of drugs that do not penetrate the blood brain barrier well following systemic exposure.

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