Comprehensive Practice             

The University of Cincinnati Environmental and Occupational Hygiene ASAC/ABET accredited educational program provides a curriculum that enables graduates to achieve the following program educational objectives.  We anticipate that within 2-5 years following graduation our graduates will be working in a related field and rated by their employers as better than graduates from other IH programs in these areas.  UC graduates will demonstrate a high level of technical and scientific competence in the anticipation, recognition, evaluation and control of occupational and environmental exposures, including the design and development of long-range goals and programs.  This may include participation in global professional activities.  They will solve real-world problems by combining observation, evaluation of the literature, measurement and other data collection and analysis of data.  They will be able to communicate effectively regarding potential hazards, risk reduction approaches and required actions within the health and safety team, with varying levels of organizational management and other affected stake-holders.  They will apply the professional code of ethics in all aspects of your practice.   They will be involved in continuous improvement by enrolling in continuing education courses and experiences,  by seeking professional certification and by being active in professional organizations such as ACGIH, ASSE and AIHA.

The program is committed to continuous improvement through an active, iterative process that involves current students, alumni and employers.  Courses and students are evaluated continuously using a variety of metrics.  Courses are changed when indicated after consultation with our External Advisory Board (EAB).  We assess whether our alumni are meeting the program objectives defined about by surveys of them and their employers.   This information is then used to launch larger program improvements in concert with the EAB.  This evaluation allows the program to remain responsive to the needs of all our constituents, faculty, current students, alumni, their employers and the larger profession. 

The complete process for Continuous Improvement of the EIH Comprehensive practice Program can be found  on the website under "Continuous Improvement".

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