February 2007

UC Research Links Allergy Risk, Exhaust
Cincinnati Enquirer—Feb. 27, 2007
News report featuring Pat Ryan, Department of Environmental Health, and Gurjit Khurana Hershey, MD, PhD, Department of Pediatrics
A new model for measuring children's exposure to diesel exhaust better predicts a child's risk of wheezing, say researchers at the University of Cincinnati.

Air Pollution Could Increase Risk of Heart Attack
89.7 FM-WNKU—Feb. 19, 2007
News report featuring George Leikauf, PhD, Department of Environmental Health
A study in the New England Journal of Medicine shows a link between particulate matter and heart disease, and Ohio is above the national average in terms of pollution.

Dr Marepalli Rao
has been elected as a Fellow of the International Statistical Institute. The International Statistical Institute is one of the oldest scientific organizations founded in 1885. Its members come from 133 countries.

Fire Rescue 1: UC Study Should Serve as Head's Up for Firefighters -
February 14 2007
The Web publication Fire Rescue 1 ran a column that reviewed the results of a new study led by Grace LeMasters from UC's Center for Occupational Health. The study showed that fire personnel face an elevated risk from several types of cancers.

Microbial School Monitors Chemical Science—Feb. 5, 2007
News report featuring Tiina Reponen, PhD, Department of Environmental Health
Renovating moisture-damaged schools reduces the number of microbes present and can improve pupils' health, according to researchers in Finland.