March 2007

WOAI-TV, San Antonio—March 16, 2007 News report featuring
Sandy Roda,
Department of Environmental Health
To the unsuspecting buyer, it's a harmless baby toy that offers good, clean fun. It's a toy with both the Baby Einstein and Disney names on the package, but a researcher at the University of Cincinnati found what she called dangerously high levels of lead on part of it.

UC HEALTH LINE: 'Healthy Home' Can Help Prevent Childhood Poisoning
Environmental health experts say preventing the life-long health effects of childhood poisoning starts by creating an overall healthy home environment that promotes well-being and is free of potentially harmful substances. March 2007

Borchers Selected for National Fellow Program

Michael Borchers, PhD, assistant professor of environmental health, was one of 10 scientists from across the United States selected to participate in the Science Communication Fellows program, sponsored by the nonprofit organization Environmental Health Sciences. The program is the first of its kind to allow participants to gain experience in bridging the gap between science and journalism, while also helping the lay public understand the importance of studying the environment and its effects on human health. For more information, visit,

Plastic Dangers
WCPO-TV, Channel 9—March 9, 2007
News report featuring Shuk-mei Ho PhD, Department of Environmental Health
Last week, parents got a warning about baby bottles. A chemical called “bisphenol-a,” when heated, can leach into the liquid inside the bottle. University of Cincinnati researcher Shuk-mei Ho tells us the danger isn’t just with bottles, it’s with all plastics. She says it can lead to reproductive problems, prostate cancer, breast cancer and even behavior problems in children.

Bicycle Commuting Racks Up Big Miles for Pair of UC Faculty
UC faculty members George Marketos and Glenn Talaska combined for almost 9,000 miles of commuting on their bicycles last year, as they did their part to help the Cincinnati Cycle Club in its annual challenge with its Dayton counterpart.

Brown Named to National Committee
Katie Brown,
PhD, research assistant professor of environmental health, has been appointed to a two-year term on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s National Environmental Justice Advisory Council. Founded in 1993, the council brings together representatives from community, academic, industry, environmental, government and indigenous groups to address major environmental justice problems through new and revised environmental policies.