September 2007

Nigeria Dumping Lead Paint on India,  Scott Clark 09-28-07

Scientists Call for Global Ban on Lead-Based Paints, Scott Clark 09-28-07

Cincinnati Gets $3 Million Federal Grant for Campaign,  Bill Menrath 09-20-07

Study Shows Lead-Based Paint Problem Isn't Isolated to China,  Scott Clark 09-27-07

Household mold exposure and the development of asthma and allergy,  Tiina Reponen 09-17-07

Improving the accuracy of testing for lead Bill Menrath,  09-18-07

Reevaluating lead-based paint hazards Scott Clark,  09-18-07

Group Fights for Firefighters With Cancer

LeMasters to Write IARC Monograph

Why Lead in Toy Paint? Itís Cheaper

Lead Concerns Spread to More Products