March 2008

UC Researcher Dr Shuk-mei Ho Wins $2.6M to Study Prostate Cancer Link Ho 03-26-08
Rehberg: New Data on Asbestos Exposure Emphasizes Need for Libby Cleanup Lockey  03-19-08
Other Voices: Disposal Plan Needed for New Style of Light Bulbs Dietrich 03-18-08
New study details vermiculite health risks Lockey 03-17-08
Pilot Research Training Program Offers Grants
Omaha Teenís Lawyer Blames Clientís Behavior on Lead Poisoning Dietrich 03-13-08
Gardeners Beware? Vermiculite Linked to Lung Disease Lockey 03-14-08
Mercury Pollution Risk of New Bulbs Dietrich 03-10-08