Winter Quarter 2008 Seminars 

    Day: Wednesday
    Time: 10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.
    Location: Kehoe Auditorium,
Kettering Lab
3223 Eden Avenue
    For further information, contact:
Director’s Office, 558-5701
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Streamline Seminar Series


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  01/09/08 Greg Allgood
      Addressing Diarrhea Illness and Death, the Leading Cause of Morbidity and Mortality in sub-Saharan African Children through an Innovative Household Water Treatment Technology
      Web Cast Seminar
  01/16/08 Frank McCormack
      Silencing LAM
      Web Cast Seminar
  01/23/08 Kate Excoffan
      Molecular Pathogenesis of Adenovirus Infection
      Web Cast Seminar
  01/30/08 Joseph A. Caruso
      From Phytoremediating Plants to Hemorrhagic Stroke: Adventures in Mass Spectrometry
      Web Cast Seminar
  02/06/08 Michael J. Jorgensen, PhD
      Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
      Web Cast Seminar
  02/13/08 Nicholas J. Ashbolt
      Do Drinking Water Biofilms Present a Public Health Risk?
      Web Cast Seminar
  02/20/08 Timothy R. Nurkiewicx, Ph.D.
      Manifestation of Inflammatory Markers in the Systemic Microcirculation After Particulate Matter Inhalation
      Web Cast Seminar
  03/12/08 David L. Parker
      Before Their Time The World of Child Labor
      Web Cast Seminar

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