University of Cincinnati
7th Annual
Pilot Research Project Symposium
October 12-13,2006


October 12th, 2006

Presentation Title

Chunhui He

"Physical and Psychosocial Demands on Day and Night Shift Workers"

Sheryl Milz, Ph.D.

"Evaluating Vapor Intrusion from Gasoline Underground Storage Tank"

Woojin Park, Ph.D.

"Obesity Effects of Postural Sway During Standing and Functional Research Distance"

Jie Chen

"Trunk Postural Load in Nurses"

Jennifer Gillespie, Ph.D.

"Health and Safety Training for Direct Care Providers of People with Dementia"

Tiina Reponen, Ph.D.

"Comparison of Two Methods for Measurements of
Fungal B-glucan"


October 13th, 2006


Presentation Title

Scott Hutton

"Workplace Incivility Among Nursing Staff and Losses in Productivity"

Christopher Rhea

"Do Optical Properties of Obstacles Affect the Risk of Tripping in Construction Workers ?"

Ken Smigielski

"HEPA Filter Efficiency Testing During Filter Installation"

Taekhee Lee

"Relationship Between Indoor and Outdoor (1-3)-B-d-Glucan in Homes Without Visible Mold Growth"

Jennifer Yugo

"Predicting Youth Farm Injury: A Psychological Perspective"

Devender Singh

"Evaluating the NIOSH Lifting Equation for Obese Workers"

Setenay Tuncel

"Effectiveness of Workers Compatibility in Evaluating and Improving Workers Health"

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