University of Cincinnati
11th Annual
Pilot Research Project Symposium
October 14-15, 2010

Having Problems Watching the Videos ?
I am using Windows 7 and cannot view presentations.
A. Please try to view the presentations through the PRP website here.
Can I use Netscape or Mozilla Firefox to view the presentation ?

No.  You have to use Internet Explorer 6 or above.


When I view the presentation I keep getting the message
"To help protect your security, Internet Explorer has restricted this file from showing active content that could access your computer"


You need to enable the Active Control in Internet Explorer
See the attached pdf for detailed instructions.
Q. I can hear the audio but I can not see the video

You need to download a newer version of Microsoft media player. 
 Media player 8 or higher is required.

When I listen to the presentation I hear an annoying click how to I stop this ?

To stop the click that you hearing while watching the presentation  This noise is Part of Internet Explorers default settings
Click on Start>Setting> Control Panel > Sounds & Audio > Select Sounds and scroll to "Start Navigation" Select "None"  for the sound to play.  Select Okay to save.
Q. I am still having problems seeing the presentation.
A. Please contact Kurt Roberts 513-558-1040 for technical assistance.
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