University of Cincinnati
12th Annual
Pilot Research Project Symposium
October 13-14, 2011

Leslie J. Ungers

Of Ungers & Associates, Inc.

President of the Academy of Kettering Fellows
We are especially grateful to the Academy of Kettering Fellows for their continued support of the Annual PRP Symposium and for sponsoring the Annual Networking Picnic.
Financial support from the following for the PRP Networking Picnic is gratefully acknowledged:

Farhang Akbar-Khanzadeh, MSPH, PhD, CIH, CSP

(University of Toledo,  Health Science Campus)

Amit Bhattacharya, PhD, CPE (University of Cincinnati)

D. Gary Brown, DrPH, CIH of JHB Environmental Occupational Health

Consultants, LLC; Richmond, Ky (Eastern Kentucky University)

Gordon Gillespie, RN, PhD (University of Cincinnati)

Tiina Reponen, PhD, CIAQP  (University of Cincinnati)

Diana Schwerha, PhD (Ohio University)

Glenn Talaska, PhD, CIH  (University of Cincinnati)

Dirk Yamamoto, PhD, Lt Col, USAF (US Air Force Institute of Technology)

PRP Symposium Planning Committee
  Amit Bhattacharya Ph.D., CPE—Program Director
  Cyndy Cox PRP Program Coordinator
  Kurt Roberts IT Manager
  Marianne Kautz Program Coordinator, Continuing Education
  Holly Sanders Graduate Studies Program Coordinator
  Amy M. Itescu Director's Office
  Kathy McCann Director's Office
  ERC Graduate Student PRP Committee
  Anna Barrett Kevin He
  Andrea Borchers Alvin Lim
  Kanistha Chatterjee Nathan Schneider
  Kevin Dunn Umesh Singh
  Adrienne Eastlake J’ai Watson
  Ashutosh Mani Stacy Lovejoy
Catering for the PRP Networking Picnic
Ollie’s Trolley
Marvin Smith, Owner
(513) 238-3403
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