University of Cincinnati
13th Annual
Pilot Research Project Symposium
October 4-5, 2012





Profiling of Effector Cell Types in Nanoparticle- and Asbestos-exposed Lung Evan Frank Environmental Health University of Cincinnati
Encouraging Prevention and Detection Safety Behaviors: Effects of Goal Framing Ashlie Britton Psychology
Bowling Green State University
Rapid Neutralization of Organophosphate Nerve Gas Agents Daqing Gao, PhD Natural Sciences Central State University
Mobile System for Fatigue Assessment in Firefighters Fred Beyette, Jr., PhD School of Electronics & Computing Systems University of Cincinnati
Assessment of Faceseal Leakage in a Half-mask Respirator Used by Firefighters Xinjian (Kevin) He Environmental Health University of Cincinnati
Light Emitting Diode (LED) Ultra-violet (UV) Disinfection of Water Leeann Racz, PhD Systems & Engineering Management Air Force Institute of Technology
Use of Pyrosequencing to Assess Bacterial Diversity in Moisture-damaged Buildings Eric Kettleson, PhD Environmental Health University of Cincinnati
Aerosol Contamination at Fire Scenes Barbara Alexander, PhD Environmental Health University of Cincinnati
An Examination of the Work-Family Interface among Farming Dyads Justin Sprung Psychology Bowling Green State University
A Pilot Study: Mechanical Damping and Spine Liming Zhao, MD Biomedical Engineering Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis
In-Vitro Mechanistic Approach to Understand LPS Toxicity in and out of Workplace Umesh Singh, PhD Internal Medicine University of Cincinnati

Non-PRP Invited Posters

Evaluating the Effect of Heat Stress on Firefighters Georganne L. Kincer, RN, BSN, COHN-S College of Nursing University of Cincinnati
Carbon Nanotube Reinforced Textiles: Advanced Personal Protection Technology for Firefighters James Joseph Sullivan School of Dynamic Systems University of Cincinnati
Central State University
Identifying Health Disparities in Ohio Using Self Organizing Maps Anitha Kisanga Environmental Engineering Central State University
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