University of Cincinnati
15th Annual
Pilot Research Project Symposium
October 9-10, 2014

A special thanks to the following individuals for
making this year’s PRP Symposium a Success!
Financial support from PRP Steering Committee donors for the
PRP Networking Picnic is gratefully acknowledged.
PRP Symposium Planning Committee
  Amit Bhattacharya, PhD, CPE PRP Program Director
  Chris Schaffer PRP Program Coordinator
  Cyndy Cox Assistant to PRP Program
  Kurt Roberts IT Manager, and the DEH IT team
  Marianne Kautz Program Coordinator, Continuing Education
  Holly Sanders Graduate Studies Program Coordinator
  Amy M. Itescu Director's Office
  Kathy McCann Director's Office
  ERC Graduate Student PRP Committee
  Latif Alabdullatif Michael Fries
  Ali Aljaroudi Sarah Gamble
  Leena Almarzouqi Shuang Gao
  Elizabeth Bien Georganne Kincer
  Matthew Coombs Joe Lovelace
  Stephen Cundiff Ryan Peck
  Yousef Elmashae Jean Schechtman
  Mohamed Eturki Rassull Suarez
Conflict of Interest Disclosures

Dr. Amit Bhattacharya has identified a conflict of interest as follows:

  • Co-Founder, OsteoDynamics, Inc.; has equity shares. Serves on the Board of Directors and technical and Technical advisor. Does not receive monetary compensation.

Dr. Marvin Dainoff has identified a conflict of interest as follows:

  • Research results were conducted as non-proprietary research by the Liberty Mutual Research Institute for Safety. All of the results have been published in the peer review literature. However, once published, this research has been utilized by the Risk Control Services group of Liberty Mutual Commercial Insurance in developing consulting services for customers.
Discussion of commercial products or services of the commercial entities will not take place in either of these presentations.
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