University of Cincinnati
19th Annual
Pilot Research Project Symposium
October 11-12, 2018





Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) for Information Gathering during Urban Disaster Situations Mohammadreza Radmanesh University of Cincinnati
Mechanical and Materials Engineering
Development of a Sensor Frame Based Gait Assessment Device For Occupational Health In Nursing Amanda Miller presenting on behalf of Tamara Lorenz, PhD University of Cincinnati
Effect of Heat Stress on Immune Function in Firefighters Brijesh Yadav, PhD University of Cincinnati
Environmental Health
Gender Differences in Nursing Job Demands and Resources Katherine Barlow Bowling Green State University
Industrial-Organizational Psychology
Fragility Analysis of Steel Buildings in Fire Rachel Chicchi, PhD University of Cincinnati
Civil and Architectural Engineering and Construction Management
Exposure to Traffic-Related Air Pollution, Home Dust, and the Respiratory Mycobiome Christine Uebel-Niemeier University of Cincinnati
Environmental Health
Neuromotor Effects of Manganese Exposure in Adolescents Entering Workforce Danielle McBride University of Cincinnati
Environmental Health
Educational Intervention to Mitigate the Effects of Bullying in the Student Nurse Population Dawna Rutherford University of Cincinnati
College of Nursing
Predicting Changes in Driving Safety Performance on an Individualized Level Under Naturalistic Driving Conditions Robert Leonard, PhD Miami University
Information Systems and Analytics

Invited Student Posters

Development of a Risk Prioritization Framework to Evaluate Consumer Cleaning Product Chemical Ingredients Michael Benjamin University of Cincinnati
Environmental Health
Healthcare Workers In the Home Environment: What are the Hazards? Developing an Observation Tool Elizabeth Bien University of Cincinnati
College of Nursing
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