ERC Targeted Research Training Program
Student Research Findings Symposium


Speaker(s) Presentation Title

Kent Bennett, Kanistha Chatterjee, Cheryl Estill, Geunjae Lee, and Rafid Kakel

Development of a Training Tool to Educate Firefighters

Anna Barrett, Greg Douglas, Christy Miller, Ifeanyi Nwaneshiudu, Darcie Stanton,
and Dayle Walsh

Qualitative Assessment of Workplace Health and Safety in Low Wage Restaurant Workers

Tiina Reponen, Ph.D.,
ERC Director

Overview of the Targeted Research Training Program
Stacy Lovejoy Physical Inactivity, Stress, and Injury among Emergency Responders
Swarup Zachariah Predicting Body Core, Tissue and Blood Temperatures Using a Whole Body Model for Firefighters
Georganne Kincer Early Criteria for Evaluating the Effect of Heat Stress on Cardiovascular, Neuromuscular, and Cognitive Systems of Firefighters
Kevin He Performance Evaluation of Respiratory Protection Devices Used by Firefighters and First Responders
James Dietrich Assessing the Protection Factor of Firefighters' Respirators against Combustion Ultrafine Particles
Kelley James, Ashutosh Mani, Georganne Kincer, and Amit Bhattacharya Effects of Heat Stress on Firefighters' Postural Balance during Live Fire Fighting
James Sullivan Embedding CNT Textiles into PPE Garments to Reduce Heat Stress on Firefighters


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