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Advisory Board

The Registry is operated by researchers in the Department of Environmental Health at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, experienced in cancer registries and epidemiologic research. The Registry Advisory Board reviews and makes a recommendation on applications to use the Registry data and biospecimens for research studies. Although the make-up of the Board can change from year to year, it usually consists of breast cancer survivors or family members of survivors, representatives from Susan G. Komen, and persons with expertise in breast cancer screening or treatment, community outreach and law.

Breast Cancer Registry Advisory Board Members Current and Past

Current members 2018
Banita Bailey
Karlynn BrintzenhofeSzoc
Robin Gear
Peggy Isenogle
Amy Itescu
Elizabeth Kuresman
Sydney McHugh
Beth O'Conner
Beverly Reigle
Michele Wiener
Glendon Zinser

Past Advisory Board Members
Brenda Anthony, JD
Brenda Brown
Kathryn Brown
Julie Behan
Susan Bernstein
Linda Bledsoe
Sarah Elam
Sharon Fusco
Helen Garrison
Gina Greathouse
Lynn Hanrahan
Tracy Hawkins
Jennifer Hunter
Andrea Ice
Jodi Issenmann
Gail Johnson
Elizabeth Kopulus
Ellen Korb
Lisa Larkin
Rosie Levin
Cheri Logan
Heleena McKinney  
Deborah Macdonald, JD
Joyce Martin, JD
Madeleine Martin, PhD
Laura Metzler
Jan Middleton
Olivia Montgomery
MaryAnn Rae
Beth Shaughnessy, MD, PhD
Linda Sacks
Nadine Smyth
Nyota Stoker
Jocelyn Whitfield-Roper
Aimee Walker-Tillet
Felecia Thompson
Phyllis Trosper
Elyce Turba, BSN
Kyra Whitmer, PhD


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